David van Beveren

President, Vegan Hacktivists | Grant Manager, Craigslist
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David van Beveren serves as the Grant Manager at Craigslist, and President & Founder of Vegan Hacktivists. He established Vegan Hacktivists in 2019 with the objective of addressing technology and data shortcomings in the animal protection movement, and has since supported over 250 organizations with free tech, data and consulting services.

As Grant Manager at Craigslist he facilitates granting several millions worth of funding towards vegan and plant-based initiatives— with an emphasis towards transforming the food system and combating factory farming. Prior to that, David led a software firm serving U.S. K-12 and higher education institutions that included UCLA, Princeton, and Duke University.

David's passion for technology, branding, capacity building, and meta fundraising, is only matched by his love for reading, watching anime, and playing the handpan.

How I can help others

If you're involved in any form of animal advocacy, please don't hesitate to contact me— I'd be happy to provide assistance whether it relates to technology, branding or fundraising.


Topic contributions

Hi AVA team, fantastic to have you here with us today!

  • Are there any features on the WHOVA app that we should check out that is generally not used enough that you think would provide attendees value?
  • For those who can only go to 1 or 2 conferences a year: what would you say is the defining difference between AVA Summit conferences and other conferences in our movement?
  • Lastly, but most importantly, is there a reason the AVA Summit has made the decision to not include these snacks at every table?

Thanks! :)

Hi ACE— thanks for joining us on the FAST Forum for our first AMA! 

On your movement grants FAQ: "Movement Grants also cast a wider net and may invest in more speculative or early-stage programs, while the Recommended Charity Fund offers donors more predictability." (emphasis mine)

What are some speculative or early stage programs that you've funded that were deemed successful investments later on, if any?

Thanks again!

Congratulations to everyone involved for the win! Sharing on social media to support. :)

Loving all of the great work SDI has been doing in our movement— just registered!

Thanks for this enlightening (and slightly terrifying) post Max. I've added several of the tools mentioned to our Resource Hub under AI Resources, much appreciated.