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Are you ready to be a catalyst for change and empower the next generation to reshape our relationship with food and put an end to factory farming? At New Roots Institute, this is our mission, and we're looking for an enthusiastic, self-motivated educator who shares our ...

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Thank for your comment! You can direct questions to Rowdy, the Hiring Manager, at [email protected].

Hello and welcome! Feel free to introduce yourself in this thread or ask any questions if you're feeling puzzled about something.[1]

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Feel free to discuss your journey into animal advocacy below, describe your work, or talk...

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Thanks for setting this up, I'm excited to start using the FAST Forum more :) Quick question: Is anyone else struggling to see what is linked? The hex color for links #1c563e is hard for me to distinguish from the #212121 text. However some links are #458E2E (I think after being clicked?) and those are much more obvious to me!

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