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    This post draws inspiration from and adopts the delightful format used by Lizka in her "open thread" posts on the EAForum. Thank you Lizka!




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Hi all, I'm Rachel Mason, independent researcher in food systems, agriculture, and animals. I've been horrified by factory farming for a very long time, but I only recently re-oriented my career towards doing something about it. I like to work through complex, interdisciplinary problems and help others understand them as well. I'm gradually figuring out how I can put those skills to use within the movement, and I'm looking forward to the inspiration and connections I'm sure I'll get from this forum.

Great idea to start this forum! I like that it resembles EA Forum so much, as we're already familiar with the functionality :) Congrats.


I'm Emmanuel Marquez, Grants Program Coordinator at ProVeg International. 

I'm an organizational development professional with a decade of experience and a strong background in behavioral sciences. My professional journey has been primarily within the nonprofit sector, particularly in the vegan and animal rights movement. I have led and coordinated outreach activities across Mexico, the USA, and South America.

Something that genuinely excites me is the opportunity to build and develop groups. I had the chance to build teams in Mexico for two organizations from the ground up, which has given me a deep appreciation for the value of capacity building and self-improvement. My passion for behavioral economics has also driven my commitment to enhancing organizational effectiveness.

I'm constantly creating spaces to contribute with my expertise and enthusiasm for positive change and collaborating to achieve shared goals. My mantra is “Let's make a meaningful impact together.”

Hi everyone, I'm Nicoll Peracha, co-founder of The Mission Motor. Great to see this forum and very happy to be part of it!

The Mission Motor is a global organization that provides free support to vegan and animal advocacy organizations to set up and improve the Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning of their interventions. Hopefully, through this, we contribute to knowing better and better what interventions are effective, why, where, and how.

I've worked in nonprofit since 1996. Started with a focus on humans (e.g. Doctors Without Borders) and switched to animals in 2015/2016 (e.g. ProVeg). I started The Mission Motor in 2022, hoping to increase my total impact by providing capacity-building support to multiple organizations. 

When I realized how little we know about whether our interventions have the desired effects, with the help of the Charity Entrepreneurship Incubation Program I switched to supporting MEL of organizations.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions re MEL, or join our monthly peer-support meetings via the Impactful Animal Advocacy Slack channel.

My name is Rowdy, and I am truly honored to work alongside all of you. I am the senior manager of educational outreach at New Roots Institute. New Roots Institute is a nonprofit empowering the next generation with knowledge and training to end factory farming. 

I am just a simple dude with a simple dream -- to end factory farming. I am from the great state of Ohio, the birthplace of aviation. Before New Roots, I worked for several environmental nonprofits. When I discovered the realities of animal ag and all the harm it causes, I knew I wanted to dedicate my life to dismantling this system. I am thrilled to work with you incredible humans to bring it tumbling down :mechanical_arm:

Hi everyone,

I am Ronen Bar, executive director of Sentient (sentientworld.org), a meta non-profit in the investigative space, developing tools to help animal rights activists, e.g., we customized and used small cellular camouflaged cameras put on the backs of animals during their last day alive (1-min video). I have been an activist for the last 15 years, and also worked as an investigative journalist. 

I am very interested in the connection between language and thought, and happy to connect for anything that can help animals 🐄🙂

Thanks for setting this up, I'm excited to start using the FAST Forum more :) Quick question: Is anyone else struggling to see what is linked? The hex color for links #1c563e is hard for me to distinguish from the #212121 text. However some links are #458E2E (I think after being clicked?) and those are much more obvious to me!

It looks like this was fixed, so whoever did it -- thank you!!

Hi everyone, Aylam here, founder and director of Our Planet. Theirs Too., the nonprofit behind the NARD (National Animal Rights Day) events around the world. 

I'm looking forward to E-meeting you all here, and to achieving great things together, for the animals! 



Our Planet. Theirs Too.

Hi everyone, I'm Tracy, Operations Manager at Veganuary. I've been with Veganuary since 2021, and it's truly incredible to work for a charity that is so aligned with your values and has such a big impact.

I'm also a trained wildlife rehabilitator, and look forward to licensing being introduced in England, as it has been in Scotland. When possible, I still work to rescue and rehome commercial egg-laying hens, and sometimes other animals, since I have a lot of connections.

I'm interested in animal law, human behaviour science, and all things animal advocacy/EA. As I'm usually quite time poor, the FAST emails and forum will be invaluable for knowledge sharing and keeping informed of developments as they happen. Thanks!