Senior Recruitment & Digital Media Manager @ Charity Entrepreneurship
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Since 2018 I have been working with Charity Entrepreneurship. Prior to joining CE, I obtained my PhD in Philosophy, specializing in the moral status of animals, and published a book on the topic in Polish. My professional experience includes working as a Project Manager and PR & Marketing Manager for startup projects affiliated with Michał Kiciński, a Polish billionaire and investor who co-founded CD Projekt, the company behind The Witcher game series. I had the pleasure of building an eBooks portal and opening a trendy vegan restaurant in central Warsaw as part of my work with Michał. I have also worked as a Communications Manager for ProVeg International in Poland. For over 23 years, I have been a vegan and dedicated animal activist.


Great idea to start this forum! I like that it resembles EA Forum so much, as we're already familiar with the functionality :) Congrats.