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Applications open until 17 March 2024, 11:59 CET. 
Application form (both positions) here.

Anima International is looking to fill two international, fully remote positions: Global Campaign Manager and Global Growth Manager.

About Anima International

We are an international organization which helps animals, particularly farmed animals, as effectively as possible. To help us achieve our goal we use scientific evidence, careful reasoning and decades of experience.

We are impact oriented and use a wide array of tools to make the world a better place. Our current toolkit includes:

  • groundbreaking global investigations which expose animal suffering hidden behind the walls of factory farms,
  • negotiations with companies to make them ban the most cruel practices,
  • advocacy to secure legal milestones for animals,
  • influencing markets to introduce animal-friendly approaches,
  • in addition to this, we work to strengthen the capacity of the animal advocacy movement.

In Anima International, we won’t stop until we end animal suffering and we would like to invite you to join us and help us achieve this goal.

Global Campaign Manager

As the Global Campaign Manager, you will join our Global Impact team, whose goal is to create campaigns that will bring us closer to a future free from animal suffering. To rectify one of the greatest injustices in human history, you will help us expand the moral circle to animals to drastically reduce their suffering all over the world

You will help us figure out the most effective campaign strategies to mobilize and lead activists across the globe to create this change for animals. You will work on prioritized projects such as global cage-free and broiler chicken campaigns, as well as evaluate our impact and research, and develop new interventions. While our current campaigning focus is on hens and broiler chickens, you have to be versatile and open to other types of campaigning, such as food system transformation. This is not only a campaigning role: you will help us create and maintain a strong organizational culture based on effectiveness, autonomy, and critical thinking. This means that a major portion of your work will require spending time with and listening to people. 

No campaigning or leadership experience is required for this role. We are mostly interested in finding hardworking people with values aligned with ours. Experience can be gained and knowledge can be learned.

Read the details, including salary information, here.

Global Growth Manager

As the Global Growth Manager, you will join our Global Growth Team, which aims to increase Anima International’s effectiveness through its international growth.

As a Global Growth Manager, you will make Anima International stronger by both establishing and growing our teams around the globe. You will help member groups of Anima International be more effective, training them in aspects of a broad skill set, from campaigning or conducting investigations to fundraising and management. Not only that, but you will also evaluate national groups and adjust local strategies to increase our impact. You will be implementing our organizational culture in groups with diverse national cultures and applying your strategic thinking while faced with uncertainty. You will spend a lot of time working directly with people in our member teams and listening to their local challenges to help them effectively.

Your work will allow us to be a united and strong organization that is accountable for its work – to our stakeholders, but especially to animals. Your work will be crucial to make sure we can transfer decades of experiences accumulated in Anima International to newer activists building their teams. By making sure that nobody is left to their own, you will strengthen the animal advocacy movement to make sure we are relentless and can achieve our goal – a world free from animal suffering.

Read the details, including salary information, here.

A request for help

Help us find the right people to help us achieve our goals! We put a lot of effort into activating our networks because our experience is that candidates referred from people already in animal rights seem to do well in our recruitment. Both positions are remote, and we’re open to applicants from all over the world. More than anything, we are looking for smart and driven activists with a growth mindset to take part in the recruitment. Please feel free to share the links above directly with people you believe can be a good match – or share our job post from LinkedIn.

Should you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me!





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