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Good Eating Company (GEC) released their 2024 Annual Impact Report, which showcases their focus on plant-forward menus, including oat milk defaults and other behavioral nudge strategies. 

Pages 12-13 focus on Greener by Default's partnership with GEC to train their culinary staff on best practices to ensures that plant-based dishes are presented in a way that is exciting and appealing for all diners. GEC is utilizing an array of strategies recommended by GBD, from replacing animal products in baked goods to shifting the ratios of plant-based to animal-based entrees, to implementing plant-based defaults.

By the numbers:

  • At Client Site 1, switching to an oat milk default decreased milk from 70% to 18%, reducing the carbon footprint of dairy by half.
  • At Client Site 2, plant-based milk is now 60% of total milk purchases.
  • At a University Coffee Shop, defaulting to oat milk led to a 32% reduction in dairy, which reduced carbon emissions, land, and water use by 25%.
  • In Good Eating Company’s menu management system, 40% of recipes are vegan and 34% are vegetarian.




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