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This morning, Compassion in World Farming US released its fifth iteration of ChickenTrack, a report that tracks corporate progress toward the Better Chicken Commitment (BCC). This year’s report captures 52 companies reporting progress, a 24% increase of companies featured since ChickenTrack 2022. This means that a fifth of companies committed to the BCC are reporting! In addition, 94% of US Working Group for Broiler Welfare members reported progress towards the BCC, which will impact over 142 million chickens every year. 

CIWF’s Food Business Team reached out to all US signatories of the BCC to encourage public progress. We are excited to share that since last year’s report, 17 new roadmaps were published, an increase of 240%. Furthermore, 2 companies – Campfire Treats and Evermore Pet Food – fully implemented the BCC.  

The most exciting feature of ChickenTrack 2023 is that every tenet of the BCC progressed between companies featured in both 2022 and 2023:

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You may be interested in some of the other features of ChickenTrack, including company and producer highlights, an in-depth look at on-farm enrichments, a recent paper commissioned by CIWF on how to balance sustainability mitigation and broiler chicken welfare, and a company callout section with those lagging on BCC progress.

Thank you to everyone in this community working on chicken welfare. The collaborative effort to hold companies accountable through public reporting is a large reason this report is so successful.

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