Global Vegan Inspiration aims to be the leading video podcast channel dedicated to better connecting Chinese activists to the global vegan movement.

By offering diverse video content, including cultural exchange, online mini-workshops, capacity-building sessions, and project sharing from around the globe, we encourage activists or vegans who have the potential to be an activist for animals to be inspired and better connect to the resources that are available in the world. 

The main goal is to connect like-minded individuals, tap into the wisdom of various cultures, and inspire people globally to promote better ethical lifestyle choices together! 

Feel free to contact Chi to connect if you're interested in what we do or want help creating Chinese content. We are delighted to collaborate and help!  :)


Email: [email protected]

whatsapp:+86 18514233064

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What an excellent idea and project! I'm so excited to learn from your content and contribute however I can!