Good news from Mexico!

The emblematic restaurant Hacienda de los Morales, in collaboration with EligeVeg—Mercy For Animals’ innovative plant-based program that inspires companies to add vegan options and supports their efforts—yesterday launched its first vegan menu.

You can see the launch announcement in EligeVeg’s blog. Please join the celebration by congratulating the restaurant on this new vegan menu here!

The new gastronomic experience, which started yesterday, July 1, consists of a complete four-course menu, each with two entree options. The standalone menu has a green cover and a QR code for vegan wines. The restaurant’s traditional menu includes a header that promotes the vegan menu.

Scale: The vegan menu is available in the Hacienda de los Morales restaurant, which serves about 115,000 customers per year.

Timeline: Discussions started in December 2023. During six months of collaboration, EligeVeg supported the launch in many ways: 

  1. Advised on the creation of plant-based dishes. This included how to select ingredients and take advantage of their versatility.
  2. Introduced Hacienda de los Morales to potential suppliers of plant-based products.
  3. Proposed dishes aligned with this new culinary offering.
  4. Suggested menu language and architecture.
  5. Identified vegan wines.
  6. Trained service personnel to offer the menu to vegans, flexitarians, omnivores, and people curious about new culinary experiences.
  7. Provided resources to support training and implementation.
  8. Suggested how to promote the vegan menu through social networks and press releases.
  9. Promoted the launch.
  10. Supported implementation of this new culinary offering.

Who: EligeVeg by Mercy For Animals

Successful Tactics: EligeVeg presented its work and expertise to the board of the Mexican Restaurant Association, paving the way to engaging the company’s director to join the plant-based market. Nurturing our relationship with the general director and chefs made sharing our ideas and best practices easier. By training the in-front personnel we helped them embrace this new project with knowledge, confidence, and enthusiasm. 

Scalability: We will continue conversations to secure more vegan options in this restaurant and also in their food festivals and catered events. The company holds about 1,800 events per year, serving around 123,000 guests.

Follow-up: We will support Hacienda de los Morales in implementing and adding vegan options at culinary festivals and events. 


Mariana Issa

Senior Corporate Partnerships Manager, Plant-Based, Mexico




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