Hello FAST,

Mercy For Animals is pleased to share that more and more foodservice companies are publishing roadmaps for meeting Better Chicken Commitment standards in the US.

In the last few months, several companies have published complete roadmaps (i.e. ones with annual percentage targets for each component) and reported progress for the first time. In particular, Parkhurst Dining recently published their current progress and a roadmap to 100% compliance with the Better Chicken Commitment, as did Metz Culinary Management.

In November, I shared that Compass Group USA published a partial roadmap toward full compliance with the Better Chicken Commitment. In that update, I noted that "Compass still needs to fill-in annual percentage milestones for the years leading up to reaching 100%." I'm now happy to share that Compass has done so. You can view their complete roadmap here.

These three (Parkhurst, Metz, and Compass) join Delaware NorthElior Group NA, and Southwest Foodservice Excellence as the first half-dozen foodservice companies to publish complete roadmaps and report progress on Better Chicken Commitments standards.

More to come!




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