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The Humane League is currently hiring for two Campaigns Specialists based in the United States. Feel free to share with anyone who might be interested! The application closing date is Tuesday, March 5th at 1pm PT / 4pm ET. 

About the role: 

THL’s US Campaigns team is focused on influencing companies across the country to do better for the animals in their supply chains through hard-hitting awareness campaigns that galvanize the public to demand much-needed change. We're calling on major US food companies—from restaurants to supermarkets to consumer packaged goods—to put a stop to their worst abuses against chickens in the food system. Currently, THL’s US campaigns are focused on pressuring companies to report on their promised transitions to 100% cage-free systems for egg-laying hens in their supply chains.

THL is seeking two (2) Campaigns Specialists to join our US Campaigns team. As a Campaigns Specialist, you play an integral role in guiding THL’s campaigns and Corporate Engagement projects. You have a deep comprehension of our theory of change and our Corporate Engagement work—our targets, our strategies, and the tools we use to win. You are able to work autonomously, manage your priorities effectively, and make critical decisions for your projects with minimal oversight. You are not easily discouraged; when faced with a setback, you reflect on lessons learned, apply them, and try a new approach. You serve as a subject matter expert on THL’s campaign strategy and its tactics and are a resource for the rest of staff. 

This is a full-time, remote position. The compensation range for this role is $67,130-$82,048.




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