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I hope you all are okay

I wish I had better news, unfortunately the bill 4534/2022-CR for the elimination of cages for pregnant sows in Peru was archived by the Congress of the Republic.

For several months we had meetings with the congressional agricultural commissions, the Peruvian pork society and with producers from various regions. Clearly, the economic interests achieved their shelving after a very tough battle against the cruelest arguments of the pork industry.

We presented three substitute texts and had several meetings with members of the industry and the swine union, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Salud, businessmen and congressmen, the vote was 9 against, 4 in favor and 1 abstention, that gave us hope. Well, a year ago everyone would have voted against, the state is changing its mentality, slowly but, it is doing so.

During these actions and throughout the year. There were also protagonists who fought with us, other organizations from Latam, pig farmers, private companies, zootechnical engineers and members of the congress of the republic with whom, although we did not achieve victory, they marked a new path to present new projects.

If you need more information, we will gladly send it to you.





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