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We’re happy to announce that:

Universidade Estadual de Montes Claros - Unimontes signed the public commitment to always be cage-free in research and education at experimental farms. 

Through this innovative initiative, the Fórum Animal is expanding the relationship with those interested in the possibility of making the Brazil without cages movement happen. As a strategy to ensure that the university will follow through on its commitment, we have signed a formal letter, and this document has been registered in the university's internal regulations. 

Scale: Local.

Timeline: 11 months

Who: Fórum Animal

Unsuccessful Tactics:  -

Successful Tactics: The Forum Animal made the first contact with a teacher who already participated in activities with us and scheduled a first meeting with her. Then her mobilized the coordinator of the experimental farm and the professor responsible for the university's poultry discipline. We maintained a corporate routine of contacting the coordinating professor via whatsapp, until we had a return on the commitment made. We maintain a friendly approach and share support and information about cage-free commitments and animal welfare in various countries.

All of the above activities were carried out as part of our ‘Cage Free Universities’ campaign.

Scalability: Around 756 students every year. At the moment, they do not have a pig farming sector and a poultry sector has +100 broilers and laying hens per year. The repercussion of its commitment reaches other higher education institutions that are potential new targets. This reinforces the pressure on universities that have animal research and production.  

Follow up: We will encourage them to respond to the annual audit that will be carried out by the Fórum Animal.

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