Animal Equality has released a new horse slaughter investigation in Spain, asking for a ban on slaughter and exportation.

Each year, more than 30,000 horses are killed in Spain, the main producer in the European Union, and each of them lives under similar cruel conditions that we recorded:

  • Hitting the horses to get them to move horses
  • The animals witness the slaughter of the others
  • Desperate attempts by the horses to escape slaughter
  • Killing without proper stunning, causing prolonged suffering 

We have filed a legal complaint against this industry and carried out investigations in farms and slaughterhouses in Spain, and we’ll continue until the slaughter is banned.

While changing the law, we call for choosing plant-based options to improve the lives of horses and other farmed animals. 

Timeline: Evidence was collected between November 2023 and May 2024

Who: Animal Equality investigation team.

Successful Tactics: Investigations and Campaigns

Scalability: This investigation will encourage diet change and, with evidence, support our campaign to end the slaughter and exportation of horses and other equines. It is also part of our global campaign to end horse slaughter, bring new people to the movement, and try plant-based options.

 Thank you, and please reach out to me for any questions, 



Starting with the national press of great scope and seriousness:

La Vanguardia 





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