Culture Canopy is able to provide select People & Culture advisory services (at no cost) to organizations in the farmed animal and vegan advocacy movement. 

We anticipate supporting organizations on a range of projects, acting as a People & Culture partner to help create more healthy, performance driven & inclusive workplaces while also supporting organizations on their evolution and ability to deliver upon their strategic plans in a sustainable way.

Through this offering, we are able to provide advisory support including;

  • Acting as a thought partner to Executive Directors
  • Acting as a thought partner to other Leaders within the organization 
  • Partnering Operations lead's to implement best practice People & Culture initiatives
  • Supporting organizations to develop strategic direction and operational plans for delivery 
  • Supporting leaders to think about the evolution of the Organization and determine future needs 
  • Partnering organizations to develop their culture, increase employee engagement and create an overall rewarding and professional employee experience
  • Support organizations to ensure a respectful work environment 
  • Available for ad hoc queries to support Leaders in resolving People & Culture related topics 

Please get in touch or click here for more details. 




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I'm very grateful to Jay for the thought partnership and support provided to Vegan Hacktivists in recent months - this is such a valuable service on offer!