Hi Everyone,

I’m delighted to share with you all that The Humane League has just publicly launched the Animal Policy Alliance (APA), a coalition with the mission of ending large-scale animal cruelty in the U.S. through policy change.

With 15 member organizations in 11 states and growing, the APA is modelled in part on THL's Open Wing Alliance (OWA). It builds power and fosters collaboration among its members by providing legislative campaign strategies, resources, and grants to create connections with legislators at the city, state, and federal levels to advocate for policies that benefit farmed animals.

You can learn more about the APA and its members on our new website, and in this press release.

If your organization is growing and working on policy change for farmed animals at the local or state level in the US, it might be a good fit for membership. You can view the membership criteria and application form here. Please feel free to share this with any organization that you think might be eligible.

Huge thanks to the many dozens of you across the movement whose ideas and contributions led to the creation of the APA and continue to help it grow.

Gabriel Wildgen

Sr. Director of Public Policy

The Humane League

[email protected]




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