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The Italian pig producer Bompieri Allevamenti has recently committed to phase out sow stalls as well as farrowing crates across all their entire production by 2026, thus becoming the first company to sign up to our campaign advocating for minimum standards in pig farming, SOS Pig. The commitment to phase out sow stalls covers the entire duration of pregnancy, including the initial one-month observation period now allowed by EU legislation.

Bompieri's commitment is particularly significant because of its scale – they are the second-largest Italian producer by number of sows – and because their policy includes a public support to End the cage age initiative – thus allowing an easier connection to the European initiative to end cages.

Conversations with Bompieri started over 4 years ago, and the publication of the commitment was primarily led by Essere Animali with the support of Compassion in World Farming.

We are now working to secure good media coverage of this achievement, as well as to use this news to promote other cage-free commitment in the pig industry. We will also keep on working with Bompieri towards the full implementation of this commitment.




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