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ACE will be accepting applications for our 2024 Movement Grants from February 19 through March 17. If you’re looking for funding to support your promising project or charity, we encourage you to apply for a grant!


The Movement Grants program is dedicated to building and strengthening the global animal advocacy movement through impactful grants. We prioritize supporting initiatives that use novel interventions, target large numbers of animals, and are in underrepresented regions.

Timeline Summary

  • February 19: Call for applications opens
  • March 17: Call for applications closes

For applications of $20,000 USD or less:

  • Early May: Emails sent to applicants notifying whether their applications have been conditionally approved, pending due diligence checks
  • Mid May: Due diligence checks.
  • End May: Final funding decisions are made
  • Early June: Funds are disbursed to successful applicants

For applications over $20,000 USD:

  • Early May: Shortlisted applicants are notified and may receive follow-up questions.
  • Early June: Due diligence checks are conducted.
  • Late June: Final funding decisions are made.
  • Early July: Funds are disbursed to successful applicants

Process Details

Stage 1: Application

Applications must be submitted via the application form by March 17. Only one application per organization is permitted. We welcome applications in any language. Non-English applications will be translated using digital services like DeepL or Google Translate. Applicants will be informed by early May if they have progressed to the next stage.

Stage 2: Follow-up Questions

For applications over $20,000 USD, additional follow-up questions may be sent to clarify aspects of the proposal. This step is skipped for applications of $20,000 USD or less.

Stage 3: Due Diligence and Grant Disbursal

During this stage, background documentation is required for due diligence purposes. For applications of $20,000 USD or less, funding confirmation and disbursal will occur by the end of May and early June, respectively. For applications over $20,000 USD, these occur by the end of June and early July.

Following Up

After project completion or when your grant concludes, a questionnaire is sent to all of our grantees for updates. Grant update calls are also available if requested.

Changes to the Program in 2024

  • The cap on grant size has been removed, although the focus remains on emerging organizations with smaller budgets, and our typical grant size is unlikely to change.
  • The lifetime cap on total grants has been removed, allowing us to continue to support impactful groups over multiple years.
  • The application process has been simplified, requiring applicants to apply for either general support or one specific project.
  • Feedback is provided for all successful applications and upon request for unsuccessful applications.

We will be updating our website with all the information you need to apply over the next few weeks. Keep an eye out here!

If you have any questions, leave them below or email me at [email protected]




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