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Dear FAST Friends,

There's something quick you can do today that would be amazing for animals:

Please ask your parents if they own stock in Tyson (TSN), Cal-Maine (CALM), Hormel (HRL), Pilgrim's Pride (PPC), JBS, or any other meat or egg company!

And if they say yes, please introduce us!! ❤️🐥📈

If you want to be extra amazing, you can ask your friends, too!

Why? Shareholders have special powers. Your parent or friend may have a unique ability to help animals, by helping a company follow the animal-cruelty law.

Legal Impact for Chickens is looking for kind people who own stock in meat or egg companies.

Even owning one share—or a fraction—can give someone the power to make a big difference. For example, when an investigation revealed mistreatment of Costco’s birds, two shareholders stepped into Costco’s shoes and sued Costco’s executives for making the company violate state animal neglect laws. 

We realize many animal advocates don't own such stock. But your parents might.

If your parents own stock, please put them in touch with LIC! ‭

Learn more: legalimpactforchickens.org/investors 

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Legal Impact for Chickens

2108 N Street, # 5239

Sacramento CA 95816


PS This is arguably nonprofit attorney advertising. But we represent our clients for FREE.  




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Hi @Alene! Thank you for working on this! We at Animal Ask just published an extensive report on shareholder activism. If interested, you can access it here, in case you missed it. :)