We are glad to share that Caviar Pirinea, one of Spain's biggest rainbow trout and sturgeon producers, has published its commitment to fish stunning before slaughter. The company owns 7 farms in 4 different regions in Spain.

Commitment link:

You can read their commitment on their website, by scrolling down to "100% Pirineos" (available only in Spanish).

Scale: Europe

Timeline: We had been in communication with Caviar Pirinea for 2-3 years through common projects with APROMAR (the Spanish Association of Aquaculture Producers). In January we had an in-person meeting asking them to publish their practices. By the end of March, we asked them several times by e-mail. At the end of May, we asked again showing Aqualande’s commitment, and they quickly answered. They are already stunning 100% of their production.

 Who: Animal Welfare Observatory. 

Unsuccessful Tactics: Collaborative approach within the project's working group with the Spanish Association of Aquaculture Producers. They didn’t want to publish information about their practices.

Successful Tactics: Getting the commitment of another big company, a potential competitor. Warning them via journalists that our planned campaign for Aqualande/Piszolla was going to be redirected to them. 

Scalability: Caviar Pirinea produces 5.000 Tons of rainbow trout per year. This potentially opens a breach inside the Spanish Association, which has been reluctant to allow associates to publish any commitment.  

Please, let me know if you want more details.

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