Hello everyone!

We are very pleased to share that El Gran Café, a Peruvian café in Trujillo city that
specializes in healthy food, has announced the committed to continue to being cage-
This café has used cage-free eggs since the beginning of its operations. The owner
agreed to make public the commitment to promote animal welfare.
You can see the publication of the commitment in this LINK

Scale: El Gran Café has one location in Trujillo located in La Libertad region. This first
commitment in the region is important because La Libertad is the third egg-producing
region in Peru.

Timeline: First contact in March, weekly follow ups.

Who: Compromiso Verde

Unsuccessful Tactics: Sending emails to the owner about the benefits of publishing
an animal welfare commitment and sending advertising suggestions. Communication
improved when we personally went to the café to talk to the owner.

Successful Tactics: Visiting the café in person in Trujillo. We literally knocked on the
door and were able to talk to the owner. He agreed to have a meeting immediately
because he had already read our emails. We made him sign a commitment document
and we took a photo with this document. Maintaining the conversation on WhatsApp
helped them finally publish the announcement.

Scalability: National

Follow Up: We will stay in touch to request reports and validate compliance with the




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