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I am very happy to tell you that we have two new commitments in Peru, one of them with a location in Chile as well.

The first one is with the Universidad Peruana del Norte in the faculties of Tourism Administration and Services and Gastronomy and Restaurant Management. https://blogs.upn.edu.pe/negocios/2024/02/19/acuerdo-promovera-practicas-agricolas-mas-respetuosas-con-el-bienestar-animal/

Chronology: We started talks 7 months ago.

Who: Arba Perú

Successful tactics: Online conversations first with the Decano of the University and later with the faculties and specialized areas. Our link with them was always online linking producers in each department as the university has locations in Lima and in the north of the country.

Scalability: The University has important commercial links in the northern part of the country, not only with other universities but also with different companies in the food industry linked to the careers. This commitment transmits a value proposition for other universities to join.

Follow-up: We will continue working with UPN and its local egg suppliers to achieve full implementation, and we will conduct training and workshops in the faculties on animal welfare.

The second cage-free commitment is with Caffe Profondo, in their Peru and Chile locations


Chronology: We started conversations 4 months ago.
Who : Arba Peru

Successful tactics : We started a face-to-face conversation, always very friendly, we made synergy quickly, their sustainability approach made it easier.

Scalability : Caffé Profondo plans to expand its chain to other countries in Latin America and open more stores in Peru, so we will be accompanying them on the way, bringing them closer to local producers.

Follow up: Every three months we will monitor your implementation.

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Amazing news, Ise! Congratulations!