Curious about whether eggplant is okay for your furry buddy? 🍆🐶 Let's chat about it!

So, eggplant can be alright for dogs, but it's all about moderation. It's got good stuff like fiber, vitamins, and minerals, which is great for them.

But here's the scoop: Make sure it's cooked before you serve it up. Raw eggplant might upset their tummy since it's a bit tough to digest.

Oh, and be sure to take out any seeds or stems. Those could be trouble for your pup. And don't go adding any seasoning – keep it plain and simple.

When you try out new foods, go slow and start with just a little bit. Keep an eye out for any funny business in their tummy or signs they're not feeling right.

Long story short: Eggplant can be a yummy treat for your doggo, but keep it in check and watch how they react. Better safe than sorry! 🐾




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