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We are very pleased to share that Taberna Calixto, a Peruvian restaurant in La Libertad region, began sourcing cage-free eggs a few weeks ago. We are certain of this because we have direct contact with the producer. This week, Taberna Calixto made the announcement through a video on Instagram where the owner describes the cruelty faced by caged hens and mentions Open Wing Alliance and Compromiso Verde.

Commitment link: You can see the publication of the commitment in this LINK.

Scale: National (Perú)

Timeline: First contact in April, weekly follow ups.

Who: Compromiso Verde

Unsuccessful Tactics: Sending emails to the owner about the benefits of publishing an animal welfare commitment. Communication improved when we personally went to the restaurant to talk to the owner.

Successful Tactics: Having an in-person meeting with the restaurant owner to explain in depth the cruelty of caged hens and the benefits of making a commitment. Contacting cage-free egg producers directly to ensure a swift negotiation.

Scalability: This commitment is important because La Libertad is the third egg-producing region in Peru. 

Follow Up: We will stay in touch to request reports and validate compliance with the commitment.

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