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Is there an application deadline for this position? I quickly scrolled through the webpage and didn't see one listed.

Wow, this sounds like a great acheivement! Can I ask how you calculated the 25M estimate? I tried looking in the campaign report and didn't see additional info. I maybe found a couple of the Yougov surveys (UK and Germany)?

Guilia, thank you (and coalition members) for all your hard work on this! It has been exciting to see HB 1153 move through committees so quickly. 

Do you know if the Gov is expected too sign this or if advocacy will be needed?

It looks like this was fixed, so whoever did it -- thank you!!

Thanks for setting this up, I'm excited to start using the FAST Forum more :) Quick question: Is anyone else struggling to see what is linked? The hex color for links #1c563e is hard for me to distinguish from the #212121 text. However some links are #458E2E (I think after being clicked?) and those are much more obvious to me!