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Attending the AVA Summit might literally change your life. 

Not only is it an incredible opportunity to connect with advocates from all over the world, it is an investment that might lead to new collaborations, new jobs, new hires, new funding, new projects, changing your approach to advocacy, and finding friends for life.

To make the most out of your time at the AVA Summit and ensure your success, consider the following tips:


Get your ticket early and benefit from the cheapest rates (they do go up over time). We are trying to keep our rates as affordable as possible while ensuring we can provide high-quality meals and services to all of our attendees. Students, unemployed folks, NGOs with a budget of <$500k yearly, and people whose income is lower than $40k are eligible for our subsidized prices. 

  • Wondering about our Covid-19 policy, parking, family passes, or one-day-ticket options? Check out our policy page or visit the event page of the specific event you're interested in.  
  • Benefit from the shuttle service from and to the airport. There is a shuttle running every 15-20 minutes to ensure international and domestic travelers a stress-free experience.
  • Consider taking off the day before and after the Summit to prepare and to recuperate! It is an intense experience :) 
  • Set clear goals and priorities about what you want to achieve; whether it's gaining knowledge, making connections, or promoting your work. 

Plan your schedule and identify the sessions that align with your goals, and create a personalized itinerary. This is a crucial step and you should aim to spend at least a couple of hours planning your time! It is worth it. 

  • Download the Whova event App, check who else is going and plan 1:1 meetings ahead of time. We open up Whova around 6-8 weeks before each event.
  • Look up additional information on people (such as their LinkedIn profile or website) to ask better questions and have more interesting conversations.
  • Many people also plan group meet-ups through our event app.
  • Also check out our off-session program like Grantees' Day, morning workouts, film screenings, parties, soccer games, ...

Prepare a short introduction you can use when you meet new people, for example: “I just started working at X and I’m looking to hear tips from campaigners and connect with people interested in corporate outreach”. 

Arrive early! Some sessions start at 9am – If you haven’t been to the venue yet, you may need some time to orient yourself, adjust to the new time zone, and check-in without stressing yourself out. 

  • Dress code: Business casual to casual is great, and we suggest wearing comfortable shoes! There is usually a pool at our event hotel, so maybe also bring a swimsuit to enjoy some sunshine in your free time. Keep in mind it can become chilly inside due to the air conditioning though.
  • Bring an extra charger for your phone and/or another device with the event app installed beforehand. The app is the best way to communicate to the attendees and also to receive any important communications. 


Actively participate in sessions by asking questions and engaging in discussions. Take notes and follow up on any ideas or contacts that stand out to you.

  • Utilize social media, take group pictures, and use #weareava to stay connected with attendees and engage in conversations. It's an excellent way to expand your network and follow up with new contacts after the event.

Take care of yourself, make sure to get enough rest, stay hydrated, and eat well. 

  • Use our wellness room or the outside area to take a break! Don't feel like you have to do everything, speak to everyone, and go to every activity you’re invited to. Even if you’re a people person, it’s always good to stop and think for a bit, even if it’s just listening to some music or meditating for 15 minutes. We also have a medical room if needed. 

There are several restaurants at the Conference Hotel and we've worked with them to maximize their vegan offerings. BTW: Many of them keep their offerings after our events ;)

  • We recommend getting reservations for the Dinner Breaks! 

Network proactively by introducing yourself to others, participating in discussions, and remember to exchange contact information with those you meet.

Some Networking Tips: 

  • Ask questions like “What are you currently most excited about?”, “What’s the most interesting thing you’ve found out about this month?”, “What’s your biggest challenge?”, or “How did you end up working on this/what brought you to the AVA Summit?”
  • Look for ways to assist and support the individuals you meet. Share your knowledge, make introductions, or offer help when needed. Being generous strengthens relationships and makes you a valuable connection.
  • Attend with a buddy: If networking makes you nervous, consider attending with a colleague or friend. Having a familiar face can provide support and make it easier to approach new people. 
  • Respect networking etiquette by not monopolizing conversations, interrupting others, or only focusing on your agenda. Treat everyone with courtesy and respect, even if e.g. they are working on completely different tactics, approaches, or strategies. 

If at any point you find yourself in or you witness a situation that makes you feel uncomfortable, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the AVA Team at any time! You can find us at the Registration Desk, you can use our Anonymous Concern Form, or reach me at [email protected]


Follow up after the conference and send people a quick Thank you and suggest ways to collaborate or continue the conversation. 

  • Organize your notes, save valuable information, and develop a concrete action plan to apply what you've learned.
  • Consider writing a reflection blog or social media post. Not only the AVA Team is interested in knowing how it went for you, but also you may inspire other people to come to one of our next events! 

And last but not least: Please give us feedback so we can make sure to improve and provide an even better experience for our movement next time!


Attending the AVA Summit might change your life. We are beyond excited to provide this platform to our movement, create a space for growth, and help advocates increase their impact for animals!


Upcoming events in 2024

  • AVA Summit US – May 16-19, 2024 in Washington DC
  • Asia Farm Animal Day (co-organized with Asia for Animals) – October 9-11, 2024 in Vietnam
  • AVA Summit Brazil – Early December, 2024 in São Paulo 

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Our website: www.avasummit.com

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At the 2023 Summit, the biggest value I got was connecting with people I didn't know existed, or in the day to day don't prioritise reaching out to. I had a lot of interesting exchanges that stimulated my thinking, and helped me understand what different orgs and parts of the movement ecology are up to and why.

My ideal would be to have more talks that up my knowledge of Movement Strategy / Theory of Change, and the different components: Organising Methods, sustaining Movement Culture, narrative and leadership development. Potentially drawing on outside Social Movement theorists and practitioners, including/especially from other movements.

Thanks, Mark! We've received very interesting submissions around Movement Culture and Leadership Development this year and are happy to feature more sessions around those topics. Looking forward to seeing you in May!