Dear Friends and Allies,

I hope this message finds you thriving in your compassionate endeavours and that your 2024 is proving productive so far. I am incredibly excited to share a significant transition in my professional journey. After eight enriching years, I will be stepping back from my role as Director at Plant Based News to launch The Freedom Food Alliance.

You might wonder, why this shift? Well the answer lies in the pervasive scourge of mis/disinformation. Over the last decade, this has inflicted considerable damage on the vegan and plant-based movement, and sadly, it has remained largely unchecked. That's about to change.

The Freedom Food Alliance is a vital response - a new watchdog and food transparency organization dedicated to cutting through the noise in the global food industry. Our focus? To equip consumers with the most accurate, science-backed information, bridging the gap between advocacy, education, and the fight against misinformation and disinformation.

This initiative is critical, not just for advancing our cause but for reshaping the narrative around food, sustainability, and animal rights. To achieve this, we need your support more than ever. Whether it's volunteering your time, offering legal expertise, assisting in fundraising, or spreading the word through your platforms - every effort contributes towards our shared vision.

Specifically, we are seeking:

Volunteers: Energetic individuals who can dedicate their time and skills to our cause, in the areas of digital marketing, content creation, SEO, tech, and research. 
Legal Expertise: Professionals who can guide us through legal challenges and advocate for our mission.
Fundraising Support: Strategic thinkers to help us secure the financial resources needed to make a meaningful impact, we will need considerable funding to build a highly skilled team.

We are spearheading three critical interventions:

A Global Fact-Checking Website (in multiple languages): In this era of misinformation, our platform will stand as a beacon of truth, dispelling myths and providing expert-led, research-based information on veganism, animal rights, and environmental sustainability.

A Yearly Disinformation Report: We will actively challenge disinformation in the animal agriculture industry through comprehensive reports, highlighting misleading practices and advocating for transparency and honesty in public discourse. The first report is complete and will be launching soon.

Consumer Diet Change Campaigns: Understanding the power of individual action, we aim to launch campaigns that support and encourage consumers in their transition to plant-based diets, focusing on both the 'why' and the 'how' of adopting sustainable and ethical food choices.

If you're interested in being part of this transformative platform, or have ideas and resources to contribute, please reach out at robbie.lockie (at) freedomfoodalliance (dot) org.

Together, we can forge a more compassionate and sustainable world. Thank you for your continued support as we advance our mission for compassion in 2024.

With gratitude,
Robbie Lockie
CEO & Founder, The Freedom Food Alliance
Co-founder of Plant Based News




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Really like this initiative. Definitely agree with the need to fight misinformation. 
Good luck with it!

I'm so looking forward to seeing the work of The Freedom Food Alliance, Robbie!